Gatta, Bartolomeo della (1448-1502)

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Pietro d'Antonio Dei, named Bartolomeo della Gatta, Italian painter, was born in Florence in 1448 and died in Arezzo in 1502. He was a monk and was active in the eastern Tuscany, between Arezzo and Sansepolcro. In circa 1475 he depicted Assunta in San Domenico in the city of Cortona. In 1482 Bartolomeo was in Rome, together with Luca Signorelli, depicting Cappella Sistina: Gli ultimi giorni di Mose'. After it, were created Madonna e santi (1486) and Stimmate di San Francesco (1486/1487), both now in Pinacoteca di Castiglion Fiorentino. In the paintings of Gatta were mixed different styles and tendencies, from the naturalism of the Florentine environment, in which he began his artistic life, to the vision of volume and light of Piero della Francesca and young Perugino.

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