Italian Artists & Architects

Algardi, Alessandro (1595-1654)

Alessandro Algardi, Italian sculptor, was born in Bologna in 1595 and died in Rome in 1654. The influence on his future artistic style was received in the years when he was a student of Ludovico Carracci, and in 1622 of Conzaga in Mantova. In 1625 cardinal Ludovisi called him in Rome to conduct restoration activity and work with the ancient marbles. Algardi created such...

Ammannati, Bartolomeo (1511-1592)

Bartolomeo Ammannati, Italian architect and sculptor, was born in Settignano, Florence in 1511 and died in Florence in 1592. He studied in Florence together with Baccio Bandinelli, and afterwards in Venice, where collaborated with Jacopo Sansovino on decoration of the Libreria di San Marco. In 1550 he moved to Rome to execute the tombs of Antonio and Fabiano del Monte in...

Angelico, Fra (circa1395-1455) (Beato Angelico) (Guido di Pietro) (Giov. da Fiesole)

Guido di Pietro named Beato Angelico, Italian painter, was born in Florence in circa1395 and died in Rome in 1455. Being already an artist he entered the monastery of San Domenico a Fiesole and became a prior in 1449. His first famous works were Diurno domenicale 3 (Florence, Biblioteca Laurenziana); Trittico di San Pietro martire (Florence, Mus. di San Marco); Madonna con il...

Apollonius from Athens (the 1st century A.D.)

Apollonius from Athens, Greek sculptor, lived in the 1st century A.D. He is known starting from the Renaissance epoch as an author of fragmentary marble statue named Torso del Belvedere (Vatican Museums). Basing on the signature and also for the stylistic motives to Apollonius is also attributed a famous bronze statue of Pugilatore (Boxer) (Museo Nazionale Romano).

Asprucci, Antonio (1723-1808)

Antonio Asprucci, Italian architect, was born and died in Rome in 1723-1808. From 1782 he worked for Marcantonio Borghese arranging Roman Villa Borghese (Temple of Aesculapius (1787), ruins of Temple of Antonius and Faustina) with annexed palace, and collections of art inside of it.

Audran, Claude III (1658-1734)

Claude III Audran, French painter and designer, was born in Lione in 1657 and died in Paris in 1734. He was one of the most prestigious decorators serving the French court: frescoing of Royal apartments and cartoons for the Gobelins tapestries. He also worked in Meudon, La Muette, Marly and in Palace of Luxemburg, having Watteau as an assistant.

Azzurri, Francesco (1827-1901)

Francesco Azzurri, Italian architect, was born and died in Rome in 1827-1901). He projected in Rome the National Dramatic Theatre (not existing anymore) and the hospitals of S.Maria della Pieta' (1862) and Fatebenefratelli (1867) adapting the neo-Renaissance forms to the functional needs. He was also the author of the Monument to 500.

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Baciccia (1639-1709) (Giovanni Battista Gaulli)

Giovanni Battista Gaulli, named Baciccia, Italian painter, was born in Genoa in 1639 and died in Rome in 1709. He moved to Rome when was still young and remained here for all of his life. He became one of the favourite artists of the aristocracy, as well as a member of the Accademy of S.Luca. His most famous work is decoration of the ceiling in the church Chiesa del Gesu' in...

Baglione, Giovanni (Rome 1573-1644)

Giovanni Baglione, Italian painter and historian of Italian art, was born and died in Rome in 1573-1644. His main works executed in late Roman mannerist style are frescoes in Cappella Paolina in the church Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. In 1639 he published "Le nove chiese di Roma" (The nine churches of Rome) and in 1642 "Le vite de'pittori, scultori e architetti" (The lives...

Baldi, Lazzaro (circa 1624-1703)

Lazzaro Baldi, Italian painter, was born in Pistoia in circa 1624 and died in Rome in 1703. He was a follower of P.da Cortona: frescoes in S.Giovanni in Oleo (1658); fresco San Giovanni in Patmos (St John Lateran, 1660-1665); altar piece (SS.Luca and Martina).

Baratta, Francesco (1590/1600-1656)

Francesco Baratta, Italian sculptor, was born in Monte Marcello or Massa between 1590 and 1600, and died in 1665 in Rome. He worked in the studio of Bernini, under who's direction executed numerous works of art: Estasi di San Francesco for the altar of the Cappella Raimondi in the church of San Pietro in Montorio (1642-1646); decoration of the nave and chapels of St Peter's;...

Barocci, Federico (1528-1612) (Il Baroccio)

Federico Fiori named il Barocci, Italian painter, was born and died in Urbino (1528/35-1612). Being in Rome in 1561-1563, he participated in renewing of Raphael's tradition, which served as a lighthouse for the Roman artists, such as Taddeo Zuccari. He took part in decoration works of Casino di Pio IV. Between 1568 and 1569 in Perugia he began to work in his style of mannerism...

Basile, Ernesto (1857-1932)

Ernesto Basile, Italian architect, was born and died in Palermo in 1857-1932. He had got a diploma of the Palermo's University, and dedicated himself to the studies of Sicilian, Arab-Norman and Renaissance architecture. His first works were: project for the Palazzo di Montecitorio (Rome, 1903-1925); a monument of Calatafimi (1885); buildings for the National Exposition of...

Batoni, Pompeo (Lucca 1708-Rome 1787)

Pompeo Batoni, Italian painter, was born in Lucca in 1708 and died in Rome in 1787. At the age of 20 he moved to Rome and studied here Raphael and ancient art, but with the orientation on neo-classicism: Enea abbandona Didone; Teti consola Achille (1747, London, Brinsley Ford Coll.); Allegoria delle Arti (Rome, Coll.Busiri Vici). Batoni obtained an international fame as a...