Italian Artists & Architects

Brunelleschi, Filippo (1377-1446)

Filippo Brunelleschi, Italian architect and sculptor, was born and died in Florence in 1377-1446. He was the primary person in the Florentine art leading it to the ideals of Renaissance. His education took place in a studio for sculptors and gold-smiths, but at the same time he was very interested in ancient art and often visited Rome together with Donatello. F.Brunelleschi...

Buonvicino, Ambrogio (1552-1622)

Ambrogio Buonvicino, Italian sculptor and stucco-maker, was born in Milan in 1552 and died in Rome in 1622. He was active in Rome where introduced the decoration modes of Lombardy. He sculptured the statue of Urban VII in S.Maria sopra Minerva (1607); bas-relief with Consegna delle chiavi for the facade of St Peter's (1615); two bas-relives with the stories of Clement VIII and...

Burne-Jones, Edward Coley (1833-1898)

Edward Coley Burne-Jones, English painter, was born in Birmingham in 1833 and died in Fulham, London in 1898. He was a pupil of Rossetti, friend and collaborator of William Morris, with whom he designed numerous cartoons for glass windows of Cathedral of Oxford. The main subjects of his works were religious themes: Adoration of Magicians and shepherds (1861-62, London, Tate...

Busiri Vici, Andrea (1817-1911)

Andrea Busiri Vici, Italian architect, was born and died in Rome in 1817-1911. He was a president of Academy of St Luke and worked in St Peter's. He also projected the new neighborhood Mastai, Triumphal arch of Villa Pamphili, American colleges and Chiesa di S.Vincenzo de'Paoli in Rome.

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Caffa, Melchiorre (1635-c1667)

Melchiorre Caffa', Italian sculptor, was born in Malta in 1635 and died in Rome in c1667. Notwithstanding the short carrier he was one of the main characters of the second Roman Baroque. Caffa' was a pupil and collaborator of E.Ferrata, and was influenced a lot by Baciccia and Bernini: Ecstasy of St Catherine of Siena (Rome, Chiesa di S.Caterina a Magnanapoli); San Tommaso di...

Calandra, Davide (1856-1915)

Davide Calandra, Italian sculptor, was born and died in Turin in 1856-1915. He was a pupil of O.Tabacchi, and his most noted works are: Royal tiger (1883), a Monument of G.Garibaldi (Parma), Monument of Prince Amedeo of Savoy (1902, Turin, Parco del Valentino), Monument of Zanardelli (Brescia, 1909), Monument of General Mitre (Buenos Aires), and a Monument to Umberto I (Rome...

Calderini, Guglielmo (1837-1916)

Guglielmo Calderini, Italian architect, was born in Perugia in 1837 and died in Rome in 1916. He is mostly known for his project of the Palace of Justice in Rome (1887-1911).

Cambio, Arnolfo di (circa1245-1302)

Arnolfo di Cambio, Italian sculptor and architect, was born in Colle Val d'Elsa in circa 1245 and died in Florence in 1302. In the beginning of his artistic activity he collaborated with Nicola Pisano in Duomo di Siena (1266-1268); arch of San Domenico in Bologna (Madonna, three caryatids and three of the six Storie del Santo) (1265-1267). After transfer in Rome Arnolfo had...

Camerino, Jacopo da (the 13th-14th centuries)

Jacopo da Camerino, Italian mosaics-maker, lived in the 13th-14th centuries. There is only one known work of this master, the great apse mosaics in basilica St John Lateran in Rome executed in collaboration with Jacopo Torriti and dated with 1291. It was also documented his activity in Orvieto in 1325 and maybe also in Gubbio in 1341.

Camporese, Giuseppe (1763-1822)

Giuseppe Camporese, Italian architect, was born and died in Rome in 1763-1822. He belonged to the family of architects, consisted of his father Pietro il Vecchio (Rome 1726-1781), his brother Giulio (Rome 1754-1840), and his nephew Pietro il Giovane (Rome 1792-1873). Since 1786 Giuseppe worked in Vatican: Sala della Biga in the Vatican Museums; and as a director of the...

Camporese, Pietro (1726-1781)

Pietro Camporese, Italian architect, lived and died in Rome in 1726-1781. He was a founder of a family of architects, father of Giuseppe Camporese and grandfather of Pietro the Younger. Pietro was active in Rome (facades of the Chiesa di S.Maria in Aquiro and of Collegio Germanico) and in Subiaco (arch of Pius VI, Cathedral).

Camporese, Pietro (the Younger) (1792-1873)

Pietro Camporese the Younger, Italian architect, lived and died in Rome in 1792-1873. He was a grandson of Pietro Camporese and a nephew of Giuseppe Camporese. He worked mostly in Rome, and together with P.Bosio and P.Belli elaborated a project for reconstruction of St Paul outside the Walls; managed the restoration of Palazzo Wedekind (1838) and (with L.Poletti) of Teatro...

Canevari, Antonio (1681-c1750)

Antonio Canevari, Italian architect, was born in Rome in 1681 and died in Naples in circa 1750. He was active in Rome (convent of SS.Giovanni e Paolo and reconstruction of the church; arrangement of Bosco Parrasio, gardens of Arcadia, on the slopes of Janiculum), in Portugal (Torre dell'Orologio in Lisbon), and in Naples (project for Palazzo Reale di Portici, 1736).

Canina, Luigi (1795-1856)

Luigi Canina, Italian architect and archeologist, was born in Casale Monferrato in 1795 and died in Florence in 1856. He was a pupil of F.Bonsignore in Turin, and settled in Rome in 1818. Among his works are: some construction at Villa Borghese (monumental entrance from Piazzale Flaminio); Casino Vagnuzzi outside of Porta del Popolo in Egyptian style; not realized projects for...