Giocondo, Fra' (1433-1515) (Giovanni Monsignori)

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Monsignori Giovanni named Fra'Giocondo, Italian architect and theorist, was born in Verona in 1433 and died in Rome in 1515. The only work that could be attributed to him with the certainty was loggia del Consiglio in Verona (1475-1488), prototype of the Venetian architecture of Renaissance. Later he worked in Naples, in France (Castello di Gaillon, 1500, destroyed), in Treviso (fortifications, constructed basing on the projects created by himself), in Venice (projects for the bridge and district Rialto). As a theorist, he completed with 126 drawings the work of Francesco di Giorgio Martini; prepared the study on the proportions (Disegni, Florence, Uffizi) and conducted the edition of Vitruvio, with the xylographic designs (1511, Venice). Since 1514 till his death, he worked next to Raphael in direction of works of St Peter's in Vatican.

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