Giordano, Luca (1634-1705)

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Luca Giordano, Italian painter, was born and died in Naples in 1634-1705. After a short experience in the work shop of J.Ribera, Giordano went to Rome at the age of 22 years, where made contacts with Pietro da Cortona and representatives of neo-Venetian art. Here, according to the fashion of the epoch, he copied the paintings of the greatest masters of the Renaissance. He worked with such a speed and easiness that obtained a nick-name Luca Fapresto. After sojourns in Bologna and Parma, he visited Venice in 1653 and 1667, where created the paintings Storie della Vergine (1667, Church of S.Maria della Salute).

giordano fresco
He also executed various works in the churches of Naples (1658, Sant'Agostino degli Scalzi; San Gregorio Armeno; Santa Brigida); in Florence in 1682-1686 (ceiling of the Gallery in Palazzo Medici-Riccardi (pictured)); and during a decade spent at the court of Spain (1692-1702) where Giordano was invited by Charles II (paintings in Escorial, in Palazzo Reale in Madrid, in Prado). Later in 1704 was frescoed Cappella del Tesoro di San Martino in Naples.

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