Hans Burckhardt

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(Nieder-Haslach, near Strasbourg, circa 1450 - Rome 1506) German reviews' writer and liturgist. He was a specialist in ceremonies and liturgy and in 1483 became a maestro of papal ceremonies serving five popes: Sixtus IV, Innocent VIII, Alexander VI, Pius III and Julius II; he didn't leave this work even after he was nominated the bishop of Civita Castellana and of Orte in 1503. he is known for Diary of the Roman Curia (Liber notarum) comprehending the period of 1483-1506, a precious source of information about pontifical hisotry, especially of life of Alexander VI, Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia. The house of Burckhardt still exists in Rome in Via del Sudario beside Largo Argentina, to which it gave the name.

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