I Concerti nel Parco (Festival Concert) at Villa Pamphilj Theater

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I Concerti nel Parco (Festival Concert) at Teatro Villa Pamphilj (Villa Pamphilj Theater) - An Open Air Theater; offers to its public in every live show the moving beauty of the antique, the thrilling excitement of the contemporary, the great questions… and a light laughter, authentic emotions coming from sounds, words, colors and artistic gestures.

Villa Pamphili, and particularly the open air theater called Teatro Villa Pamphili, which were represented in 2010 until last summer during June and July events in theater, children's theater, music, opera, dance and cabaret, is Rome for a cultural center of the level ascertained that it was immediately appreciated by the citizens of Rome, the Province of Rome and the foreign tourists, and over the years has become a poster of the most popular, visited and reviewed by the media. You can countdown in the summer 2011 edition of the XXI Festival Concerts in the Park Villa Pamphili..

Associazione Culturale I Concerti nel Parco
Via Ugo Bassi 17
00152 Roma
06-58.16.987, fax 06-58.16.989
Ph.: 04066961006

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