La Palma Club, Rome - Jazz Music, visual art, restaurant and wine shop

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La Palma Club, Rome - Jazz Music, visual art, restaurant and wine shop , Italy

Founded in 1966 by a group of young university students, La Palma Club is made up of two ancient country manours dating back to the late 19 th Century located in a park extending for over 50,000 square feet around them. In addition to a rich concert programme, the Club also offers a restaurant and a wine shop.

La Palma Club that gives hosts to great national and international artists and proposes jazz evenings marked by the particular cuisine of the inspired chef Luca De Marco who offers unusual and tasty dishes in order to mix good taste with emotions aroused by music. Moreover the club promotes exhibitions dedicated to visual art, book presentations and concerts plus theme based parties. On Fridays and Saturdays, it becomes a large discotheque.

MusicAttiva - ActiveMusic
Every week - Admittance €8
The fourth edition of Musicattiva explores different musical realms from popular to ethnic, passing through Balkan, North European and Mediterranean influences and devoting particular attention to the Italian production. Organized by the Ass. Controchiave. Tel 065432210

Hours: Open every day. Concerts 10pm, restaurant 9.30pm

Via G. Mirri, la palma via Giuseppe Mirri, 35 (Casal Bertone - Portonaccio), 00159 Rome, Italy
Subway: Prenestina Staion
Tel: 339.52.75.019

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