Laurana, Luciano (circa 1420-1479)

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Luciano Laurana, Italian architect, was born in La Vrana, Zara, in circa 1420 and died in Pesaro in 1479. There is no any information about his artistic education and first activity; his participation in execution of the Triumphal arch to Alfonso V d'Aragona in Naples is uncertain, while it is documented his presence in Mantua in 1465 used by the artist for the studies of L.B.Alberti's works.
laurana palazzo
In 1466 Laurana was invited to Urbino by Federico da Montefeltro to continue construction of the Montefeltro's residence: Palazzo Ducale di Urbino (pictured), which was completely modified by Montefeltro according to a new project: the main difficulties consisted in the soil structure of the uneven hill on which the castle should have stand and in the presence of already existing buildings. But the talent of Laurana permitted make use of all these difficulties and create a magnificent architectural Renaissance complex.

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