‘Letture d’estate’ Exhibition

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Why not buy cheap new and used books under the stars and next to the stunning Castel Sant’Angelo? The ‘Letture d’estate’ exhibition presents different stands of books, with thousands of titles of large, small and independent publishers. There are stands from all continents with play areas for kids and four areas for live music, opera and theatre. If all that reading has given you hunger pangs, fret not as there are many food stands to choose from. In the park this summer book fair, plus free concerts nightly, featuring a wide variety of musical styles, theater, poetry readings and exhibits. The fair encompasses 4000 square-meters of book stores, with 186 publishers represented, as well as stands sellling all sorts of objects and gastronomic offerings. It’s open all day and entrance is free.. http://www.invitoallalettura.org/

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