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Dali, Salvador (1904-1989) Spanish surrealist, panter
Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) Italian poet famous for La Divina Commedia (1309-1320), an allegorical account of his journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, guided by Virgil and his idealized love Beatrice. His other works include La Vita Nuova (1292), in which he celebrates his love for Beatrice.
Delcroix, Carlo (Florence 1896-...) Italian politician. In 1917 he lost sight and hands in a war battle and received a silver medal.; he was a president of the National Association of War cripples from 1924 until 1943; he supported the Fascism and was elected as a deputy of the national monarch party in 1953.
Della Rovere, Domenico Italian cardinal (1501); being among Sixtus IV's retinue, he was not a member of the pope's family Della Rovere, even though he was bearing this name. He was elected cardinal in 1478 and bishop of Tarantasia, later of Geneva, archibishop of Turin where built cathedral.
Della Rovere, Francesco Maria I (1490-1538) he had only 11 years when his father died and quite quickly all his possessions went to Cesare Borgia. But after his uncle Giuliano became a pope, Francesco Maria had got back his power over Senigallia in 1504 and was declared a heir of his uncle Guidobaldo di Montefeltro, ruler of Urbino and in 1508 the duke of Urbino, so this city became a property of Della Rovere family.
Della Rovere, Guidobaldo II (1514-1574) a son of Francesco Maria I. He was a general capitan of Venetians in 1540-1552, after it - the general capitan of the Church in 1553 and in 1555 was nominated a prefect of Rome by Paul IV. He was a leader of uprising which was cruelly repressed in 1573.
Della Valle, Andrea (Rome 1463-1534) cardinal since 1517, he participate in conflicts between Clement VII and the Colonna, between the same pope and Carlo V. He ordered construction of Palazzo Della Valle, Chiesa di S.Andrea della Valle and Teatro Della Valle.
De Rossi, Giovanni Battista (Rome 1822-Castel Gandolfo 1894) Italian archeologist and epigraphist. He studied and excavated the catacombs around Rome; discovered more than ten cemeteries and more than ten storical crypts, while the archeologists of his time limited their studies only by the points of easy access. He renewed the christian archeology, he was inventor of the Christian epigraphy and cleared up numerous questions about ancient world.
Diogenes (412-323 b.C.) Greek Cynic philosopher, who rejected social conventions and advocated self-sufficiency and simplicity of life
Duilius Caius Roman consul in 260 a.D., at the head of the first roman navy brought a big victory in course of the first Punic War in Mylae, on the northern coast of Sicily.
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