List of Great Italian Historical Personalities Started With "S"

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List of Great Italian Historical Personalities Started With "S"

Alphabetically Listing "S" - Fact Sheets and Figures on Roman History of Persons

Giulio Cesare
(Florence 1587-Rome 1663), Italian prelate, pope's ambassador in Spain (1624), cardinal (1626), bishop of Fano and legate of ferrara and Bologna, a candidate for the pope's throne in 1644 and 1655.
Salviati, Anton Maria (Florence 1537- Rome 1602), nephew of Giovanni and Bernardo Slaviati, pope's ambassador, cardinal (1583), legate in Bologna (1585).
Salviati, Giovanni (Florence 1490-Ravenna 1553) His uncle Leo X elected Giovanni a cardinal in 1517; he was legate in France and in 1526 signed the Holy Lega with Francis I and in 1529 conducted difficult negotiation of peace between the pope Clement VII and emperor Charles V; he was elected bishop of Albano in 1543.
Sannazzaro, Iacopo (Naples 1455-1530) Italian poet, member descendant of a noble family
Santacroce Publicola, Marcello (... - Rome 1674) theologist, referent of Segnatura, cardinal (1652)
Santacroce Publicola, Prospero (Rome 1513-1589) apostolical nuncio, cardinal (1564), administrator of Arles in 1566-1574, bishop of Albano (1589); he wrote De civilibus Galliae dissensionibus in 1562.
Santissimo Sacramento (confraternities of) associasions or companies of faithful, recognized by ecclesiastic authorities, raised to honor publicly an Eucharist. The started to be formed since the 14th century and wre mostly developed as a reaction on the Protestant Reform after the Treaty of Trento.
Sappho (6th century b.C.) Greek lyric poetess of Lesbos
Savonarola, Girolamo (Ferrara 1452- Florence 1498) Italian religious and political reformer. As a Dominician prior in Florence he preached against contemporary sinfulness and moral corruption. When the Medici were expelled from the city in 1494 he instituted a severely puritanical republic but lost the citizens' support after being excommunicated in 1497. He was hanged and burned as a heretic.
Savoy, Charles Emmanuel II (1634-1675) duke of Savoy in 1638-1675; son of Victor Amadeus II
Savoy, Victor Amadeus II (1666-1732) duke of Savoy in 1675-1713, king of Sicily in 1713-1720, king of Sardinia in 1720-1730; father of Charles Emmanuel II
Schopenhauer, Arthur (1788-1860) German pessimist philosopher. In his chief work, The World as Will and Idea (1819), he expounded the view that will is the creative primacy factor and idea the secondary receptive factor.
Secchi, Angelo (Regio Emilia 1818-Rome 1878) Italian astronom, Jesuit; in 1848 he was nominated a director of the observatory of Collegio Romano. He enriched it with the new tools; and he was one of the first scientists to use the photography for astronomic studies. ...
Seismit-Doda, Federico (Ragusa, Dalmatia, 1825 - Rome 1893) Italian politician. He graduated from the university of Padua and collaborated at Caffe Pedrocchi; in 1849 fighted with the volonteers in Veneto and in 1849 participated in the defence of Roman Republic. After exile to Greece and to Piedmont in 1850, he collaborated in various newspapers and magasins, and published a volume of his memories "Venetian Volonteers". ...
Sella, Quintino (Sella di Mosso Santa Maria, Biella, 1827 - Biella 1884). an Italian politician. He was born in a family of great wool manufacturers; he received a degree as an engineer in Turin in 1847 and brought to perfection his scientific knowledge in Paris, Great Britain and Germany. He became a professor of applied geometry in the Technical Institute of Turin in 1852, and a few years later was nominated an engineer of mine-corps and became the head of the fuculty of minerology in the School for application of engineers....
Sfondrati, Paolo Emilio (1561-1618) cardinal and bishop of Cremona and Albano.
Sforza, Ascanio Maria (Milan 1455-Rome 1505) Italian clergyman. He was a son of Francesco I duke of Milan and of Bianca Maria Visconti...
Sforza, Francesco I (1401-1466), duke of Milan in 1450-1466
Sforza, Francesco II (1492/1495-1535), duke of Milan in 1521-1524, 1525-1526, 1529-1535; prince of Pavia in 1530
Sforza, Giovanni (1466-1510) a husband of Lucrezia Borgia in 1493, but their marriage was cancelled by her father Alexander VI four years later; governer of Pesaro
Sforza, Lodovico (1452-1508), called the Moor, duke of Milan in 1494-1500, but effective ruler from 1480; duke of Bari in 1479
Shelley, Percy Bysshe (1792-1822) British romantic poet. His works include Queen Mab (1813), Prometheus Unbound (1820), and The Triumph of Life. He wrote an elegy on the death of Keats, Adonais in 1821, and shorter lyrics, including the odes "To the West Wind" and "To a Skylark" both in 1820. He was drowned in the Ligurian Sea while sailing from Leghorn to La Spezia.
Socrates (470-399 b.C.) Athenian philosopher, whose beliefs are known only through the writings of his pupils Plato and Xenophon. He taught that virtue was based on knowledge, which was attained by a dialectical process that took into account many aspects of a stated hypothesis. He was indicted for impiety and corruption of youth in 399 and was condemned to death. He refused to flee and died by drinking hemlock.
Soubirous, Bernadette (Lourdes 1844-Nevers 1879) (Saint) a daughter of a poor miller, she was only 14 y.o. when in the cave of Massabielle along the river close to Lourdes in the period between February 11 and July 16, 1858 she saw 18 times to figure of young beautiful woman who spoke with her.
Spada, Bernardino (Brisighella, Ravenna, 1594 - Rome 1661) Italian cardinal, bishop of Damietta, pope's ambassador in Paris in 1824, cardinal since 1626, pontificial legate in Bologna in 1627, he was an intelligent maecenas and protector of arts and artists.
Spinario (a famous 1st century bronze statue of a boy plucking a thorn from his foot) It was thought to be a portrait of Marcius, a shepherd from the country Vitorchiano near Viterbo, who was sent as a messenger to Rome to let its people know about an enemy reaching the city. He would not delay his mission though tortured by a thorn in his foot, after he brought his news to the Capitolium, died from a spasm of the wound.
Stefaneschi, Iacopo Caetani (Rome 1270-Avignon 1343), Italian cardinal and historian of the Church. Vatican canon, cardinal (1295), witness of outrage of Boniface VIII in Anagni (1303). He followed Clement V to Avignon, but because of his Ghibelline believes fell into disfavour of the pope and his successors. He wrote Opus metricum, a historical poem rich with the news about Celestine V; Liber de centesimo sive Iubileo anno, a work dedicated to the Jubilee of 1300; Cerimoniale romano, a book with the complete description of the pontificial court of the XIVth century compared with the customs and rites of the earlier epochs. He commissioned Giotto creation of a polyptych named after him (Polittico Stefaneschi, Vatican Picture Gallery).
(Marie Henri Beyle)
(1783-1842) French writer, who anticipated later novelists in his psychological analysis of character. His two chief novels are La Rouge et le noir (1830) and La Chartreuse de Parme (1839).
Stuart, Mary (1542-1587) queen of Scotland in 1542-1567; daughter of James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise. She was married to Francis II of France in 1558-1560, her cousin Lord Darnley in 1565-1567, and the Earl of Bothwell in 1567-1571, who was commonly regarded as Danley's murderer. She was forced to abdicate in favour of her son (later James VI of Scotland) and fled to England. Imprisoned by Elizabeth I until 1587, she was beheaded for plotting against the English crown.
Sulla (138-78 b.C.) full name Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix. Roman general and dictator in 82-79. He introduced reforms to strengthen the power of the Senate.
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