Luti, Benedetto (1666-1724)

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Benedetto Luti, Italian painter, was born in Florence in 1666 and died in Rome in 1724. He was a pupil of A.D.Gabbiani and since 1691 of Roman master C.Ferri. He had chosen classicism of Bologna tradition of the 17th century and art of C.Maratta for his own works: Venere e Amore, Diana e Endimione (1713); Mercurio, Venere e Amore (1717) (all in collection Schonborn in Pommersfelden); Mose' salvato dalle acque (Uffizi, Florence); frescoes in St John Lateran. Luti was a head of a famous work shop in Rome which was visited by Italian and foreign artists.

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