Mabuse (c1478-1532) (Jan Gossaert)

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Jan Gossaert, named Mabuse, Flemish painter, was born in Maubeuge in c1478 and died in Middelburg in 1532. He taught in Antwerp from 1503; in 1508 moved to Rome following Fillip of Burgundy, for whom he worked some time later in Suytburg and in Utrecht; worked occasionally for Charles V and Margherita d'Austria in Malines in 1515-17; from 1524 he was active in Middelburg at service of Adolph of Burgundy and Christian II of Denmark: Portrait of the children (1526-27, Hampton Court, London).

Mabuse was one of the first representatives of Flemish mannerism, influenced by Flemish and Italian masters. After the works like Garden of Getsemani (Berlin, Staatl.Mus.) and Tryptich Malvagna (1510, Palermo, Mus. Naz.), Mabuse depicted numerous mythological scenes with overloading fancy "classic" decorations: Hercules and Deianira (1517, Birmingham, Barber Institute), Danae (1527, Monaco, Alte Pin.). In 1515 were executed: St Luke depicting the Virgin (Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Mus.) with evident Italian influence; Neptune and Amphitrite (1516, Berlin, Staatl.Mus); Venice (Rovigo, Pin. dei Concordi).

Among the portraits by Mabuse should be especially noticed: Jan Carondelet (1517, Paris, Louvre), Old consorts (London, Nat.Gall.), A couple of donors (Brussels, Mus.Royal).

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