Maderno, Carlo (1556-1629)

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Carlo Maderno, Italian architect, was born in Capolago, Canton Ticino in 1556 and died in Rome in 1629. He was called to Rome by D.Fontana, and in the beginning worked as a marble cutter and stucco-maker. His first important architectural work was the facade of the church Santa Susanna (1595-1603). Under the pontificate of Paul V, Maderno, the key-person of the moment, because of his ability to innovate architecture, won the contest for the works of finishing St Peter's. He changed the Michelangelo's central plan to longitudinal one, returning to the traditional scheme of the basilicas, and also he had to create a facade of the temple (1607-1612). Moderno was very active in construction of other important buildings in the beginning of the 17th century, here should be noticed Palazzo Mattei and Palazzo Berberini.

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