Mamertine Prison (Carcere Mamertino) or Tullianum

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Mamertine Prison (Carcere Mamertino) [also called Tullianum] according to a legend was the Prison or jail (Carcere) where St Peter and St Paul was imprisoned. They would have stayed here for nine months and could runaway thanks to the help of other prisoners converted by apostles. Thus it was transformed in the place of cult with the name San Pietro in Carcere.

Mamertine Prison (Carcere Mamertino) or Tullianum, on the northeastern slope of the Capitoline Hill
It consists of two levels and was the most horrible part of the ancient State prison located in the caves under the Capitoline Hill. Numerous illustrious enemies of Rome died here. The higher part of the prison was built in the 2nd century b.C. and was named "Mamertino" (medieval name). The lower part is named "Tullianum" built in 387 b.C. which originally was a water reservoir (tullus).

The current facade that covers the more ancient one made of tuff blocks presents a large inscription that bears the names of the consuls C. Vibius Rufinus and M. Cocceius Nerva. Internally a trapezoidal room communicates with a circular room below through a hole in the floor - that is no longer used and replaced by a modern ladder. This is really a terrifying place where the State prisoners were first confined and then strangled: this was the fate that was reserved among many others to Jugurtha and Vercingetorix. Regarded as sacred from the 15th century, the Mamertine Prison was consecrated to S. Peter in Carcere.

Mamertine Prison is located between it and the Tabularium (record house) was a flight of stairs leading to the Arx of the Capitoline known as the Gemonian stairs. The church of San Giuseppe dei Falegnami now stands above the Mamertine.

Mamertine Prison (Carcere Mamertino) or Tullianum
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