Manzu', Giacomo (1908-1991) (Giacomo Manzoni)

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Giacomo Manzoni, known under his nick-name Giacomo Manzu', Italian sculptor, was born in Bergamo in 1908 and died in Rome in 1991. In 1920-1926 he worked in the work-shop of the engraver of the wood, then in the work shop of goldsmith and stucco-master. After it he joined army in Bologna in the Accademia Cicognini. In 1929 he sojourned in Paris, and in 1930 settled in Milan, where collaborated with A.Sassu and R.Birolli, participating in anti-neoclassic movement of 1938-1940. In Milan he realized his first bronze works and dedicated himself to the design, engraving, illustration and painting. In 1931 he decorated Cappella dell'Universita Cattolica in Milan. In 1936 he went to Paris for the second time. Among the works of this period are: Testa di donna (1936, Milan, Gall. d'Arte Mod.); Susanna (1937, Rome, Gall.Naz. d'Arte Mod.), David (1938) and Francesca Blanc (1940) (Ardea, Collection Friends of Manzu'). Considered to be one of the most important personalities of the art of that epoch, Manzu' began a series of Cardinals (1938-1939), bronze images of pyramidal structure; cycle of bas-relieves in bronze: Deposizioni and Crocifissioni (1939-1942).
manzu cardinale
In 1941 he became a professor in the Academy of Brera in Milan, but retired soon because of disagreement with the program of studies. Among the works of this period are: Ritratto di Francesca (1942, Vatican, Coll. d'Arte Mod.) and Grande ritratto di signora (1946, New York, Mus. of Mod.Art). In 1952-1964 was created Porta della Morte for St Peter's in Rome, which is one of the major artistic complexes of the contemporary art.

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