Maratta, Carlo (1625-1713)

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Carlo Maratta, Italian painter, was born in Camerano in 1625 and died in Rome in 1713. He was a pupil of A.Sacchi who directed him to the studies of painting of Raphael and Correggio, A.Carracci and G.Lanfranco. He had as a protector G.B.Bellori, a theoretician of art and a friend of N.Poussin, who supplied the artist with the first work orders: frescoes in Sant'Isidoro (Rome, 1652). The success of Sant'Agostino (S.Maria dei Sette Dolori, 1655) brought him the favour of the pope Alexander VII who ordered him paintings for Rome: Visitazione (S.Maria della Pace, 1656); and for Siena: Visitazione e Fuga in Egitto (Cathedral). His later works included big paintings on the religious subjects: Immacolata Concezione (1665-1671) (Siena, Sant'Agostino); Morte di San Francesco Saverio (1674-1679) (Rome, Chiesa del Gesu'); Madonna in gloria (1689) (Rome, S.Maria del Popolo); some portraits: Clement IX (1669, Rome, Pin.Vaticana), and vast cycles of frescoes: Palazzo Altieri (Rome); Villa Falconieri (Frascati).

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