Martini, Arturo (1889-1947)

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Arturo Martini, Italian sculptor, was born in Treviso in 1889 and died in Milan in 1947. He was a self-taught person, being very young he worked at the factories of ceramics, and was very attracted by clay materials. He then studied at A.Carlini in Treviso and U.Nono in Venice. The primary importance for his artistic formation had a meeting with G.Rossi in Burano in 1909, and a period spent in school of A.Von Hildebrand in Monaco. His first important work was: Atlante (1909, Treviso, private collection). In 1912 together with G.Rossi he visited Paris, where made contacts with A.Modigliani and U.Boccioni, and a group of Ca'Pesaro: The Prostitute (1909-13, colored terracotta); Girl full of love (1913, majolica, Venice, Gall.d'Arte Moderna Ca'Pesaro), Portrait of Homer Soppelsa (1913, gypsum, Venice, Coll.Soppelsa).

After the WWI there were created the following works: Girl in the evening (1919, Venice, Ca'Pesaro), Orpheus and Bust of a boy (1922, Rome, Gall.Naz. d'Arte moderna), war memorial (1923, Vado Ligure).
martini figlol
Martini's most successful works were in bronze and in terracotta: Il figliol prodigo (pictured) (1926, Acqui Terme, Coll.Ottolenghi); La Pisana (1928-29, Treviso, Mus.Civico); Expectation (1930, Vado Ligure, Coll.Maerini); Woman at the window (1930, Florence, Coll.Papi); portraits Woman in love (1930, Rapallo, coll.priv.), Proffesor Schwarz (1931, Milan, Voll.Mattioli), The Venus of ports (1932, Treviso, Mus.Civico); The death of Sapho (1934, Milan, Gall. il Milione); The thirst (1934, Milan, Gall.Civica d'Arte Mod.); Fascist Justice (1936-37, Milan, Palazzo di Giustizia).

Around 1940 the works of Martini begun to be marked with the signs of abstraction: Atmosphere of a head (1944, Intra, Coll.Rosmini), Sitting woman (1944), Swimming woman (Milan, Coll. A.Lucchetti), Fighters, Woman on the sand.

The last period of activity was critical for Martini, when he wrote the treatise "The sculpture - dead language" (1945).

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