Mausoleo di Santa Costanza (Santa Costanza Church), Rome

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Mausoleo di Santa Costanza (Santa Costanza Church), Rome

It is a mausoleum of two daughters of emperor Constantine: Constantia and Helena, annexed to the Basilica of St Agnes outside the Walls. It was built by Constantia before 354 as a mausoleum for herself and her sister. Quite soon it was used as a baptistery, and from 1254 as a church. Afterwards it was considered to be an ancient Temple of Bacchus, because of its mosaics representing the grape-harvest. For this reason it was chosen as a meeting point for the artists in the 18th-19th century, and from here the carnivals took their beginning in direction to the city center.

The mausoleum is a splendid example of palaeo-Christian architecture on a central plan, preceded by a narthex. Interior is divided by 24 Corinthian granite columns in an ambulatory with beautiful 4th century mosaics, and a central zone with altar. The dome has a diameter of 22.5m, the abundant light enters the church from 12 large windows beneath the dome. The mausoleum preserves a reproduction of a porphyry sarcophagus of Constantia, which original is in the Vatican Museums.

Santa Costanza is a church in Rome, built under Emperor Constantine I and place of burial (mausoleum) of his daughters Constantina and Helena. Later, Constantina was venerated as saint, with the Italian name of Costanza, and the church was dedicated to her.

Mausoleo di Santa Costanza (Santa Costanza Church),
Via Nomentana, 349, 00198 Roma, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Subway: Campi Sportivi
Shown By "Map C Zone" As "8"
Tel: +39 06 861 0840

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