Mazzolino, Ludovico (c1480-c1530)

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Ludovico Mazzolino, Italian painter, was born and died in Ferrara in c1480-c1530. From the very beginning he worked for the Este family, and was active mostly in Ferrara and Bologna. He was influenced a lot by Ercole De'Roberti and Lorenzo Costa: a cycle of lost frescoes in Chiesa di S.Maria degli Angeli (1504-1508, Ferrara), frescoes in apartment of Lucrezia Borgia (Ferrara, castles), Tryptich (1509, Berlin, Staatl. Mus.), Adoration of Magicians (1512, Rome, Coll.Chigi), Slaughter of the Innocent (1515-1520, Rome, Gall.Doria Pamphili).

After 1520 the style of Mazzolino got some lines of D.Dossi and Raphael's art: Christ and doctors (1524, Berlin, Staatl.Mus.), Jesus in the Temple (Bologna, Pin.Naz.), The Circoncision (1526, Vienna, Kunsthhistorisches Mus.).

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