Messina, Francesco (1900)

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Francesco Messina, Italian sculptor, was born in Linguaglossa, Catania in 1900. His artistic formation took place in a work-shop of a marble cutter in Genoa, and due to visits of numerous museums of Europe. In 1934 he became a professor in the Academy of Brera. His works include: Boxer (1930, Turin, Mus.Civico), Swimmer (1930, Rome, Gall.Naz.), Marussig (1929, Vienna, Gal.des Kunsthistorisches Mus.), Bacchelli (1932, Rome, Gall.d'Arte Mod.), Eve (1946, 1949, Venice, Mus.d'Arte Mod. Ca' Pesaro), Three Graces (1959), Beatrice (1959, Dallas, Texas, South Methodist University), Dying horse (1966, Rome, Palazzo della RAI) and the monument of Pius XII (1963, Rome, St Peter's).

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