Michelangelo House (Casa di Michelangelo)

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Michelangelo House (Casa di Michelangelo)

This is a reconstruction of the house named after Michelangelo in via delle Tre Pile, destroyed in 1874 in course of works over the access to Capitolium. In those times it was the property of Pellegrini, who sold it to the Commune. The house was brought to the Gianicolo (or Janiculum) in 1941. It should not be mistaken with the other one in via Macel de'Corvi, where Michelangelo lived during his last stay in Rome and where he died in 1564. Now the building contains water reservoir.

Michelangelo House (Casa di Michelangelo) at Via della Passeggiata del Gianicolo, Rome
The house, along with the surrounding area, was pulled down towards the end of the XIXth century to make room for Monumento a Re Vittorio Emanuele and the facade was rebuilt on the street (Via delle Tre Pile) leading to Palazzi del Campidoglio; in 1941 the need to enlarge this street led to a second move of the facade to its current location.

Michelangelo House (Casa di Michelangelo)
Via della Passeggiata del Gianicolo
00165, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Trastevere (Gianicolo) (Roma centro)
Entrances: Via Garibaldi, Piazza della Rovere (salita di Sant'Onofrio)
Michelangelo House (Casa di Michelangelo) is Shown By "Map G Zone" As "20"
Bus: Bus line n° 870; Shuttle bus from the Gianicolo (or Janiculum) every 15 minutes to Passeggiata del Gianicolo.
Transit: Roma S.Pietro (687 m NW
Tram: 4
Tel.: +39 06 678 7857 ?
Website: http://www.sovraintendenzaroma.it/i_luoghi/ville_e_parchi_storici/passeg...

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