Montelupo, Raffaello da (1505-1567)

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Raffaele Sinibaldi named Raffaello da Montelupo, Italian sculptor and architect, was born in Montelupo in 1505 and died in Orvieto in 1567. He was a helper of Lorenzetto in Rome: Cappella Chigi in Santa Maia del Popolo, and later went to Loreto with Sansovino: Visitazione and Adorazione dei Magi (1533) (Santa Casa); being in Florence with Michelangelo, he created: San Damiano (circa1534) (Sagrestia Nuova di San Lorenzo). After return to Rome, he worked as a sculptor under the direction of Michelangelo: Madonna, Profeta e Sibilla (tomb of Julius II in San Pietro in Vincoli); Leone X (Santa Maria sopra Minerva), as well as architect since 1543: Castel Sant'Angelo; Duomo di Orvieto.

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