Moretto (1498-1554) (Alessandro Bonvicino)

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Alessandro Bonvicino, named Moretto, Italian painter, was born and died in Brescia in 1498-1554. The years of artistic formation were spent in Venice or in Padua. Except some occasional sojourns in Bergamo, Milan and Veneto he spent all his life in his native city, the place conquered by religious ideals of the Catholic reform. Moretto was an honorable member of the confraternity of Santissimo Sacramento, which was close to such reformers as a bishop Ugoni and sister Angela Merici. The artists interpreted the thoughts and beliefs of his brothers not only with the works of accented doctrinal conception (cycle for the Cappella del Sacramento in San Giovanni), but with such paintings as Cena in Emmaus (Brescia, Pin.Tosio-Martinengo) and Apparizione della Madonna (Paitone, Santuario) where the holy theme is surrounded by the elements of everyday reality.

The 30's-40's are the years of expressive maturity of Moretto and signed with the birth of such works as: Santa Margherita (1530, Brescia, San Francesco); Santa Giustina (Vienne, Kunsthistorisches Mus.) and especially Incoronazione della Vergine (Brescia, San Nazaro). After 1540 were created Storie di Simon Mago (Brescia, Seminario); Cristo e l'Angelo and Adorazione dei pastori (Brescia, Pin.Tosio-Martinengo); Cena in casa del fariseo (Brescia, Santa Maria Calchera). The portraits by Moretto: Gentiluomo in piedi (1526) and Fortunato Martinengo (London, Nat.Call.) are marked with the psychological introspection in poetic style.

Moretto is considered to be the teacher for the later artists of the schools of Brescia and Bergamo: Romanino, C.Piazza and G.B.Moroni.

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