Museums of the Vatican City In Rome

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Museums of the Vatican City In Rome, Italy

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Pope Sixtus V commissioned the construction of the Lateran Palace (Palazzo Laterano/ Palazzo Lateranense) at the end of the 16th century to stand in for the

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One of the most important archeological collections in the world, it is split up into five sites. Split up into five sites, the Museum is one of the most

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Municipal Antiquarium Household objects from the 6th century B.C. to the time of barbarian invasions. Includes the famous doll with jointed limbs that was

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Civic Zoology Museum Newly rearranged following modern criteria, it offers an important insect collection, in addition to collections of animals, including

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Casino dei Principi Torlonia family's historical residence and home of Benito Mussolini from 1925 to 1943. It has been recently restored and open to the