Muziano, Girolamo (c1528/32-1592)

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Girolamo Muziano, Italian painter, was born in Acquafredda, Brescia in 1528/32 and died in Rome in 1592. In the beginning he followed the modes of Brescian artists, and studied in Padua, where got to know L.Sustris and D.Campagnola in 1544-46, and in Venice until 1549. In 1550 he moved to Rome, where was influenced a lot by Michelangelo and S.del Piombo: Resurrection of Lazzaro (Rome, Mus.Vaticani, c1555), and where founded a famous academy of artists Academy of St Luke. He obtained a big success due to his landscapes in Venetian-Flemish style (now lost), and had numerous commissions under Gregory XIII. Muziano's numerous works could be found in Rome (Chiesa di S.Caterina dei Funari, Chiesa di S.Maria degli Angeli, Galleria Colonna (portrait of Vittoria Colonna)), in Vatican (mosaics in Cappella Gregoriana, St Peter's; decoration of Gallery of Geographic maps), in Orvieto (Mus. of Cathedral), in Frascati (Chiesa di S.Francesco), in Tivoli (frescoes in Villa d'Este).

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