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Agrippa, Marcus Vipsanius (63-12 b.C.) Roman general and politician, friend and chief adviser of Augustus. His was originally from a simple family, and from the very arrival of Octavian (Augustus) in Rome, was his supporter. He was one of the main characters in construction of the new regime, especially in the military sphere. Agrippa's wise decisions brought Romans to victories at Perugia (40 b.C.), at Milazzo and Nauloco (36b.C.), and Azio (31 b.C.). In 21 b.C. he married Julia, daughter of Augustus, and obtained, first, the imperium proconsulare, and later, tribunicia potestas in 18 b.C. for the period of five years.

In 17 Agrippa and Julia's sons were adapted by Augustus, as the presumed inheritors; and Agrippa renewed his extraordinary power status in 13 b.C..

He was also very successful in administration (Gaul) and diplomatic (Judea) activities, as well as in construction field: two theaters, four porticoes, first great luxury baths in Rome, numerous temples (one of them was Pantheon), so that Rome assumed the monumental aspect, appropriate for the image of a capital of a great Empire. Agrippa had also prepared a geographic map of the Roman world, which was finished after his death and placed on the wall of the so called Portico of Agrippa.

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