Nervi, Pier Luigi (1891-1979)

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Pier Luigi Nervi, Italian engineer, was born in Sondrio in 1891 and died in Rome in 1979. He had got a degree in Bolonia in 1913, and grew professionally on the experience of G.A.Eiffel, E.Freyssenet and R.Maillart. After creation of the cinema Augusteo in Naples (1926-1927), he realized in 1930-1932, the tribune of the stadium of the commune in Florence, applying bran-new technical solutions. Between 1935 and 1943 Nervi dedicated himself to studies of the covering construction of very big dimensions. The example of this work is the cover of the hall in Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Turino (1948).
nervi palazzo
The other works of Nervi are: palazzo dell'Unesco in Paris (1953-1957), created in collaboration with M.Breuer and B.Zehrfuss; skyscraper Pirelli in Milan (1955-1959), collaboration of Gio Ponti and others; Palazzetto dello Sport in Rome (1956-1957) collaboration of A.Vitellozzi; Palazzo dello Sport (pictured) in Rome (1958-1959), collaboration of M.Piacentini. In 1961 was created the most famous work of Nervi: Palazzo delle Esposizioni "Italia'61" in Turin. In 1972 was finished Salone delle Udienze in Vatican.

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