Noantri Festival at Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere

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The origins of the Noantri festival (our Festival) in Rome come from the time when some local fishermen on the River Tiber were said to have caught a statue of a beautiful Madonna in their fishing nets. They brought the statue to the local church Sant’ Agata, where it became an object of veneration. The festival celebrates this mysterious icon, the Vergine del Carmine.

The “Noantri” is one of the few festivals that have survived in modern times. It is held every year on the Saturday following 16 July and involves a procession carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary on a route running from St. Agatha’s Church, where it is normally held in custody, to the Basilica of St. Chrysogonus, where it remains on exhibit until the following Monday, after which the procession retraces its steps. The Madonna is covered in jewels and precious clothing that have been donated by the faithful.

Although primarily a Christian festival, the Noantri Festival provides a great experience to all, regardless of their religious beliefs. The singing and dancing on display is colourful and engaging and will appeal to all. It is hard not to get swept away by the atmosphere of this traditional event. One of the highlights of the festival is the parading of Vergine del Carmine statue through the streets of the Trastevere district. The public is invited to take part in all events programmed in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, where there will be free music and theatre for adults and puppets and street artists for children. Otherwise the festival is full of the usual food, drink and general merry making one would expect.

The Trastevere district of Rome is situated towards the west of the city just across the river Tiber. Autumn Festivals in Rome. Across the river from the centre, on right bank of Tiber, reached by crossing Isola Tiberina.

Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere
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