Oratorio del Caravita (San Francesco Saverio), Rome

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Oratorio del Caravita (San Francesco Saverio), Rome

Established within the Church/ Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio di Loyola , and recently built at the same site of the ancient church of Sant'Antonio de Forbitoribus . It is commonly called the Oratorio del Caravita, named after its founder, the Jesuit Peter Garavito, who had it built in 1631.

It was built in 1633 by priest Gravita, who's name was popularly transformed in "Caravita". The oratory under this name was a center of spiritual life for quite a long period of time. Exterior is simple; inside is an atrium with frescoed vault which leads to the rectangular hall. On the altar is a painting by S.Conca with the "Trinity and St Francis Saverio", to who the oratory is dedicated.

The Jesuit Father Pietro Gravita gave birth to the building of the oratory in 1630 nearby the Collegio Romano. The construction works, financed by the faithful and noble families of the area, were completed in 1633. The oratory, popularly referred to as Della Santissima Comunione Generale, was dedicated to Santa Maria della Pietà and to San Francesco Saverio. Upon Father Gravita’s death in 1658, the oratory was named "Caravita". The facade, made of bricks in two orders, presents on the former one the entry portal surmounted by a triangular tympanum between two framed windows; on the latter one, instead, three windows of the Casa of the Jesuit Community. The interior, restored in 1800, appears with the nave preceded by an atrium whose vault is frescoed with the life of San Francesco Saverio", masterpiece by Lazzaro Baldi (1624-1703).

Oratorio del Caravita (San Francesco Saverio)
Via del Caravita, 7
Adjoining to piazza di sant' ignazio
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Colonna (Pantheon-Montecitorio-Barberini) (Roma centro)
Oratorio del Caravita (San Francesco Saverio) is Shown By "Map E Zone" As "50"

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