Orazio Gentileschi - Worked in Rome from a very early age

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Orazio Gentileschi - Worked in Rome from a very early age, Italy

Brief Description about Italian painter - Orazio Gentileschi

Although he worked in Rome from a very early age Orazio Gentileschi originally came from Pisa. He worked alongside the fresco painters employed by Sisto V and Clemente VII. At the end of the sixteenth century the painter, like many other artists who were employed by artistic workshops, followed the style of the period without displaying any particular personality. He met Caravaggio when he was a mature artist however, and despite already having consolidated his style his meeting with the great master was a revelation and had a profound influence on his work. Orazio became the most personal follower of the great Michelangelo Merisi, translating Caravaggio's sense of tragedy and strength into an intimate and elegant style. His work was also strongly influenced by Tuscan traditions. From then on Gentileschi began to acquire fame and notoriety, not just in Rome but in other Italian cities and abroad. He worked in Genoa, creating extraordinary works for the English court.

His daughter Artemisia became famous due to the fact that she was a victim of rape, perpetrated by Agostino Tassi. The young Artemisia denounced Tassi in a historic trial. She became no less famous than her father for her painting in fact, although her style was more passionate and dramatic than the lyrical Orazio. Her brilliant career took her to Naples, where she became one of the most famous and imitated painters of the period.

Palazzo Venezia hosted an exhibition of the works of Orazio Gentileschi and his daughter Artemisia. This artistic family were part of the Caravaggio school, which rendered sixteenth century Italy famous throughout the world. Homage was paid to the works of Artemisia exactly ten years ago in an exhibition at the Casa Buonarotti in Florence, but there has never been a similar exhibition of Orazio’s work. The paintings on loan for extraordinary exhibition at Palazzo Venezia made this an unrepeatable event.

Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi
Palazzo Venezia

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