Ostia Antica

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Ostia Antica is a large archeological site that was the harbour city of ancient Rome, which is approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) northeast of the site and close to the modern town of Ostia in the meadows between the Tiber River and the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was founded, probably in the 4th century BC, as a military colony to guard the river mouth against seaborne invasions. Later, during the centuries when virtually all imports reached the Capital via the Tiber, Ostia gained prominence as the domestic landing for cargo boats. By the 2nd century AD, it had become a flourishing commercial center inhabited by upwards of 100,000 people, whose apartment buildings, taverns, and grocery shops are still intact. Wandering around today, you'll see the remains of the docks, warehouses, apartment flats, mansions, shopping arcades, and baths that served a once-thriving port of 60,000 people.

"Ostia" in Latin means "mouth". At the mouth of the River Tiber, Ostia was Rome's seaport, but, due to silting and a drop in sea level, the site now lies 3 kilometres (2 mi) from the sea. The site is noted for the excellent preservation of its ancient buildings, magnificent frescoes and impressive mosaics. During the summer, Romans love to hit the beach of Ostia by day( to enjoy the sun in one of the many paying beach establishments or at the free beach of Castel Porziano) and by night, the moment when they mingle and party out in one of the many clubs of Ostia main sea strip.

The season in Ostia slowly starts already around may and in june most of the clubs ( usually beach establishments by day and dance clubs by night) are already open and fully active: open air dance floors, candle- lit exotic lounge bars and dee jays entertain a young and less young crowd from the cocktails hours until the break of dawn. Some of the most well known spots are the Shilling, the Spiaggetta, the Open Bar( where you can sip cocktails by the pool) and the Faber beach( where people like to sit directly on the sand with a bottle of beer and listen to the music played by a dj).

More: http://www.ostia-antica.org/

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