Palazzo del Monte di Pieta

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Chapel of the Palazzo del Monte di Pieta

Monte di Pieta' is a religious organization founded for charity purpose by a minor brother Giovanni Maltei da Calvi in 1539. Monte's activity consisted of money lending on the lowest interests and often without obligation to return money at all. At present their functions had notably changed.

Its first seat was in zone of Banchi Vecchi, from where they were transferred by Sixtus V to the via dei Coronari, and in 1603 the organization acquired this Renaissance palace, built here by O.Mascherino for the cardinal Prospero Santacroce Publicola. In that epoch it was half of the present size, but with the years it was amplified and reconstructed.

The façade of the building includes, between the two portals, a fountain bearing the emblem of Pope Paul V while, between the first floor windows, there is a niche containing a Pietà with, on each side, the emblems of Paul III and Clement VIII.
Palazzo del Monte di Pieta at Piazza Monte di Pietà, Rome
The first changes of the main facade were done by C.Maderno and Borromini; a rich chapel of the palace is by Paparelli; the back facade is by N.Salvi (1735-1740).

In 1762 was built an overpass named "Arco del Monte" which connected Monte di Pieta' with adjoining Palazzo Barberini (which by that time became a property of Monte).

The chapel is beautiful and worth a visit. Oval in shape, it is lined with green and dark yellow marble, while the niches present bas-relief work in white marble. On the altar there is a bas-relief by Domenico Guidi depicting the 'Pietà': clearly the sculptor was greatly inspired by the more famous 'Pietà' by Michelangelo. To enter the chapel, you must obtain permission at the secretariat of the institution.

Palazzo del Monte di Pietà has been modified to a very limited extent; it now belongs to a major Italian bank which operates a branch in this building for lending on pledges. The square and the nearby streets house several businesses related to the activity of Monte di Pietà; they directly buy gold, they offer additional cash for pawn tickets, they buy unredeemed objects at the weekly public auction and then sell them. Those interested in old jewelery may find some interesting pieces.

Note: Only the Cappella del palazzo del Monte di pietà (Chapel of the palace of Monte di Pietà) inside the Palazzo can be seen upon request.

Palazzo del Monte di Pieta
Cappella Del Palazzo del Monte di Pieta' (Chapel of Palazzo Monte di Pieta)
Piazza Monte di Pietà, 33
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Parione (Navona-Palazzo del Monte di Pieta) (Roma centro)
Palazzo del Monte di Pieta is Shown By "Map H Zone" As "21"
Tel: 0039 06 54451, +39 6 6844 2652
Fax: +39 6 6844 2672

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