Palazzo della Banca d'Italia (Palazzo Koch)/ Bank of Italy Palace

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Palazzo della Banca d'Italia (Palazzo Koch)/ Bank of Italy Palace

This huge Neo-classical palace was built by G.Koch in 1886-1904 for the "Banca Nazionale", which later took name of "Banca d'Italia" (Bank of Italy). It is one of the most imposing constructions erected in the epoch of the birth of the so called "Third Rome" (Rome as the capital of Italy). It stands behind a row of palm trees and colossal lamp-posts.

The National Bank of Italy, also known as Banca d'Italia, is Italian Republic's central bank and part of the European System of Central Banks. It is located in Palazzo Koch, Roma, via Nazionale. The bank's current governor is Mario Draghi, who took the office on 16 January 2006. After the merger of the 4 main banks in the Italy, the bank was established in 1893. On 16 January, 2006 the office of the bank came under Mario Draghi, who is the current governor of the bank.

The building was built as the head office of the Banca Nazionale. The architect’s name came to be used for the building itself and it is now conventionally called Palazzo Koch. Palazzo Koch was built in the years 1888-93 and was originally used to house the Bank’s top management, the Rome branch and banknote printing works. The building, which together with others built subsequently by the Bank occupies a whole block, still houses the top management, the Paolo Baffi Library and the money and banknote museums.
Palazzo della Banca d'Italia (Palazza Koch)/ Bank of Italy Palace, Rome
After the first expansion on neighbouring lots, the Bank’s growing needs led to some functions being located in a series of buildings, some of which close to Via Nazionale, such as the new Rome branch in Via XX Settembre, and others on the eastern edge of the city close to the site of the new printing works, designed in the 1960s by Pier Luigi Nervi. Later, 1999 saw the opening in the municipality of Frascati of the Donato Menichella Centre, designed by Valle, Chiarini and others. The Centre, named after Donato Menichella, Governor of the Bank from 1948 to 1960, houses several the Bank’s departments and is a key part of its infrastructure in the Rome area.

The Bank of Italy Library

The Bank of Italy Library was established in 1894, and is divided into two sections: Economics and Law. They became two separate sections in the 1930s, thus giving birth to the Biblioteca Economica (Economics Library), later named after Paolo Baffi, who held the office of Governor from 1975 to 1979, and the Biblioteca Giuridica (Law Library).

The Paolo Baffi Library specializes in banking, finance and economics in general. Its mission is to provide information, material and specialized literature not just for Bank of Italy staff, who are the main users, but to the public as well, and particularly to researchers, economists, experts from other institutions and university students. The Biblioteca Giuridica is primarily intended as a working tool for the Bank's legal staff; the Bank's internal staff may use it and it is open for consultation to specialized users. Its resources amount to approximately 150,000 volumes, 8,500 titles of periodicals on paper and more than 1,300 electronic resources.

Note: Closed to the public; the building is visible only from the outside.

Palazzo della Banca d'Italia (Palazzo Koch)/ Bank of Italy Palace
Via Nazionale, 91
00184, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Monti (Colosseo-S.Giovanni-S.Maria Maggiore) (Roma centro)
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Tel.: +39 06 47921
Fax: +39 06 4792 3360

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