Palazzo della FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation

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This is a big white modern palace which starting from 1950 houses the F.A.O (Food and Agriculture Organization), an international organization of United Nations, and somehow an inheritor of the International Institute of Agriculture, founded by David Lubin in Rome in 1905.

Palazzo della FAO at Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
Entrusted by Mussolini to house the Ministry of Italian Africa, the palace was planned in 1938 by the architects Vittorio Cafiero and Mario Ridolfi. The building was enlarged and originally belonged to Ministry of Italian Africa during the WWII and later to Ministry of the Post and Telecommunications. Its author was architect Vittorio Cafiero, and the works were finished in 1951. It was completed in 1952 and became the seat of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation).

FAO aims to improve the living conditions of rural populations by implementing projects that improve agriculture productivity through ecologically sustainable practices. It is also the lead agency for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development.

Note: Palazzo della Fao is closed to the public.

Palazzo della FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 1 (Piazza di Porta Capena)
00153, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione San Saba (Piramide) (Roma centro)
Palazzo della FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation is Shown By "Map K Zone" As "57"
Telephone: 0039 06 57051
Fax: 0039 06 57053152

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