Palazzo della RAI (RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana), Rome

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Palazzo della RAI  (RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana), Rome

The Palace of the Italian State-owned radio and television network (Radiotelevisione Italiana, RAI) was erected in 1965 by Berarducci-Fioroni, and has a beautiful statue of a horse by F.Messina in front of it.

RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana, known until 1954 as Radio Audizioni Italiane, is the Italian state owned public service broadcaster controlled by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. RAI is the biggest television company in Italy. It competes with three major private television companies, Mediaset, Telecom Italia Media and Sky Italia. Rai operates many television channels and radio stations.

Palazzo della RAI
RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana
14, Vl. Mazzini, Roma, RM 00195
00195, Italia
Tel: 06 3728620
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