Palazzo della Sapienza - State Archive of Rome

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Palazzo della Sapienza - State Archive of Rome

The first palace on this site was built in 1244, but the palace in its modern forms was begun in epoch of Julius II and Leo X in the beginning of the 16th century, with participation of Michelangelo in course of project creation. The definite remodeling is work of G.Della Porta (1575). In particular, he executed the facade and a courtyard. After some time Sixtus V had the northern facade to be done. Urban VIII ordered construction of a Chapel and Alexander VII founded here a library (Biblioteca Alessandrina). On the facade is inscribed "Initium/ Sapientiae/ Timor Domini".

Palazzo della Sapienza
From it derives the name "Sapienza": attributed to the palace and to the ancient Roman University housed in the palace till 1935 (when the new University City was open). The "Studium urbis" (public education) was begun with the institution of public schools of medicine by Boniface VIII in 1295 and of the University in 1303. But consolidation of this system is due to Eugenius IV in 1432, who made this palace the seat of Sapienza University City (Città Universitaria).

State Archive of Rome (Archivio di Stato di Roma)

Palazzo della Sapienza now houses the Archivio di Stato, and exhibitions are held in a library. The beautiful court designed by Borromini has porticoes on three sides, and the church of Sant'Ivo.

It was founded in 1871 with the task of conserving the acts of the central bodies of the Pontifical State, the Roman notarial and judicial deeds until the unification of the Reign of Italy, the acts of the State offices based in the present Province of Rome, for the period preceding and following the unity. Some fonds, like that of the State Secretariat, were excluded and went into the Secret Vatican Archive. Since its institution it also had the function of central archive of the new Unitarian State, a task at the moment carried out by the State Central Archive.
Palazzo della Sapienza - State Archive of Rome
Since 1936, after the creation of the university city, the State Archive of Rome, which in the first fifty years had been moved many times, was definitively located inside the Palazzo della Sapienza. Among the important fonds here conserved, are worth mentioning the archive of the Local Tax Office until 1910 with documents relating to the State property, those of the Civil Engineers until 1954, those of the Prefecture until 1945 and the Police until 1910. massive the archive of the civil and penal court of Rome that covers the period 1871-1897 and that of the Court of Trade until 1888, the archives of the Court of Assizes and the Court of Appeal of Rome until 1921.

Here are preserved also archives of Roman noble families that came from acquisitions or donations. In the Archive are located a library and the Scuola di Archivistica Paleografia e Diplomatica, a university School of specialization in Archival science, Palaeography and Diplomatics.

Notes: Every two years a competition is announced to enter the Scuola di Archivistica Paleografia e Diplomatica. For information please call: Tel. 0039 06 68190866
architecture of Palazzo della Sapienza, Corso del Rinascimento

Biblioteca Alessandrina

This Library moved together with the University Library into the new seat in 1935. It was enriched in the beginning of the 19th century by donations of Leo XII. The great hall of the library, by Borromini, is now a seat of Archivio di Stato and conserves here the documents of Pontificial State from the 9th till the 19th century.

Palazzo della Sapienza - State Archive of Rome
Corso del Rinascimento, 40
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione S. Eustachio (Senato-Corso Rinascimento) (Roma centro)
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