Palazzo di Giustizia (Law Courts), Rome

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Palazzo di Giustizia (Law Courts), Rome

The construction of gigantic Palace of Justice strongly desired by G.Zanardelli, minister of Justice and later Prime Minister, by the project of G.Calderini, was conducted through difficulties and scandals from 1889 till 1911 (22 years). Because of its huge weight the palace was in danger of collapse and in 1970 was evacuated.

palazzo di_justizia
Although it is still under restoration, it has been partially reopened. The building is closed to the public and is visible only from the outside.

The Palazzo di Giustizia (Law Courts) is among the most majestic and imposing buildings in modern Rome. The building is decorated with a great number of statues, balconies and loggia. At the top of the facade was erected the bronze quadriga by E.Ximenes. The sculptures who took part in the decoration works were E.Quattrini, Maccaghani, Tripisciano, A.Dazzi, C.Maccari. With a bronze quadriga by Ximenes (1855-1926) and the colossal statuary, the Law Courts can claim both classical and Baroque inspiration.
palazzo di justizia
Palazzo di Giustizia (Law Courts)
Piazza Cavour, 1
00193, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Prati (Roma centro)
Palazzo di Giustizia (Law Courts) is Shown By "Map D Zone" As "35"
Subway: Lepanto (795 m N)/Flaminio (920 m NE), Metro A
Bus: Bus 70 - 81 - 87 - 186 - 492 - 628 - 913 - 926
Ministero della giustizia (Ministry of Justice)
Tel: +39 - 06 68851, +39 06 68831
Fax: 80184430587

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