Palazzo Gambirasi

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entrance of Palazzo Gambirasi

It was built by the Arch-confraternity of S.Giacomo degli Spagnoli. The project was edited in 1659 by G.A.De Rossi. Soon the palace passed to the prelate from Bergamo, Donato Gambirasi. At present it belongs to the Teutonic Institutes of S.Maria dell'Anima.

Palazzo Gambirasi, Arco della Pace (Via della Pace), rome upper portion of Palazzo Gambirasi
On July 7, 1657, the rich merchant Donato Gambirasi from Bergamo acquired several houses and a palazzo in the immediate neighbourhood of Santa Maria della Pace. Giovanni Antonio de Rossi remodeled the palace, which has eleven window axis on the Via della Pace, but the area acquired by Gambirasi also extended to the north of the church. The urbanistic intervention by pope Alexander VII Chigi, creating a theatralic architecture around Santa Maria della Pace, interfered with Gambirasi's desire to maximize the usable surfaces. The finally built northern extensions shows a much more complex decoration and is distinguished from the actual palace by the missing mezzanine above the ground floor and a higher piano nobile. After the economic decline of the Gambirasi family, the palace was sold to the german community of Santa Maria dell'Anima, which made several flats out of the building. The two crests visible on the engraving are lost.

Palazzo Gambirasi
Arco della Pace (Via della Pace), 8
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Ponte (Via Coronari-Ponte Vittorio) (Roma centro)
Palazzo Gambirasi is Shown By "Map H Zone" As "50"

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