Palazzo Ginnasi

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This palace substituted another one, which was destroyed in 1935 for the enlargement of Via delle Botteghe Oscure. It was erected in the end of the 16th century by O.Mascherino for the Ginnasi family. The Baroque funerary monuments of the family which were in S. Lucia have been relocated in a modern chapel inside the new building. The coat of arms once stood on the façade of the old palace. Cardinal Domenico annexed a college to it in 1636, for education of young Romans destined to be priests, and a monastery of St Theresa, which belonged to the adjoining Chiesa di S.Lucia de'Calcarario. What remained from the monastery after rearrangement of this zone is now occupied by Maestre Pie Filippini, another religious organization.

palazzo ginnasi in Largo dei Ginnasi (Centro Storico)

Palazzo Ginnasi
Largo dei Ginnasi (Centro Storico),
Largo di Santa Lucia Filippini, 5
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: R.IX Pigna, Centro Storico di Roma
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