Palazzo Ruspoli (Fondazione Memmo), Rome

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Palazzo Ruspoli (Fondazione Memmo), Rome

It was built in 1556-1586 for the Florentine family of the Rucellai. The architect of the palace was B.Ammannati. At the same time the large Gallery was frescoed by J.Zucchi with the imitation of niches, stuccoes and statues. The facade is by Bartolomeo Breccioli. In 1629 the palace passed to the Caetani. They had M.Longhi the Younger to build a famous staircase with the four flights and 30 monolithic marble steps in each, with the vast vestibules on each floor. In 1776 the palace was acquired by the Ruspoli, who enlarged it and decorated the halls on the ground floor. The latter became one of the most popular 19th century coffee-houses in Rome, Caffe Nuovo. Since 1990 Palazzo Ruspoli has been the seat of the Fondazione Roberto Memmo which holds exhibitions here.
Palazzo Ruspoli

The demolition for the creation of Piazza Augusto Imperatore stretched across the entire front of Via del Corso, including between Via del Corso, it was held back with respect to the pre-existing construction framework, determining a notable alteration from the original visual conditions.The area has undergone, in the course of recent decades, other changes that, whilst not linked with renovation and changes to urban planning, have nonetheless made a significant mark on the external structure of the city, where, alongside the changes that have taken place to buildings, the opening of the metro with the stops at Piazza di Spagna and Piazzale Flaminio has increased greatly the number of people moving around, especially in certain periods of the year

The Fondazione’s most important accomplishment - the restoration of one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Rome, Palazzo Ruspoli, and its utilisation for important cultural activities. The Fondazione Memmo was, therefore, created to concretise its founder’s dream of bringing the arts to the young and to the vast public by means of cultural events which could enable a direct study and appreciation of masterpieces of various periods and cultures.

Palazzo Ruspoli (Fondazione Memmo)
Via del Corso, 418
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Via di Fontanella Borghese, 56 - 00186 Rome (Administrative Offices)
Zone: Rione Trevi (Quirinale-Tritone-Barberini) (Roma centro)
Palazzo Ruspoli (Fondazione Memmo) is Shown By "Map E Zone" As "27"
Tel: +39 06 6832179
Fax: +39 06 6832177

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