Palazzo Sistino/Sistina/Sistine, Vatican City, Rome

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Palazzo Sistino/Sistina/Sistine, Vatican City, Rome

Pius IV and Gregory XIII added to the ancient palace the new wing at the corner, covered with the loggia similar to that one of Bramante - Raphael.
schema Palazzo Sistino/Sistina/Sistine

The work was conducted by P.Ligorio, M.Longhi and O.Mascherino.

But the idea to build the third wing with loggia, which would belong to one side of the new palace, and thus create the little courtyard called Cortile di S.Domaso with the view on Rome, was of Sixtus V. So the palace takes its name after the pope Sixtus V, who had D.Fontana to build square and harmonious palace with ample apartments and halls over the territory of 2.800 sq.m.

The 1st floor: since 1903, a residence of Cardinale segretario di Stato, who is the first collaborator of the Pope.
The 2nd floor: the second window of pontific library from which the Pope delivers his pastorals to the crowd of people on Piazza San Pietro every Sunday.
sala del trono
The 3rd floor: a private apartment of the Pope (see pictured below: The Hall of Clement, hall of the pope's apartment; on the right: The Hall of Throne, where pope receives heads of the states and important personalities).
sala clementina

Palazzo Sistino/ Sistina/ Sistine
Viale Vaticano, 97
00120, Città del Vaticano, Vatican City
00165 Rome, Italy
Palazzo Sistino / Sistina / Sistine is Shown By "Map D Zone" As "9"
Subway: Cipro-Musei Vaticani (445 m W), Metro A

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