Pannini, Giovanni Paolo (1691-1765)

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Giovanni Paolo Pannini, Italian painter, was born in Piacenza in 1691/92 and died in Rome in 1765. In 1711 he settled in Rome, where became famous as a decorator of palaces: Villa Patrizi (1718-1725); Palazzo De Carolis (1720). In 1719 he became a member of Accademia di San Luca; and in 1754 became its president. He depicted for his patron, French cardinal Polignac, and other important personalities, the scenes with the Roman feasts and celebrations: Preparations in Piazza Navona to celebrate the birth of Dauphin (1729, Paris, Louvre); Carlo II rende visita a Benedetto XIV alla Coffee-House del Quirinale (1746, Naples, Mus. di Capodimonte). Pannini was also knows for his view of Rome: Roman ruins (1739, Rome, Acc di S.Luca); Views of modern Rome (1757, Mus. of Fine Arts); and as the designer of interiors (Chinese apartment in Palazzo Sciarra in Rome) and of feast machines.

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