Passignano (circa1560-1636) (Domenico Cresti)

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Domenico Cresti named Passignano, Italian painter, was born in Passignano, Perugia in circa 1560 and died in Florence in 1636. Beginning in Florence, he was influenced by Federico Zuccari, with who collaborated on the decoration of the dome of Duomo. As well as Cigoli, he was searching the ways of renewing of the late mannerist modes, with the vibrant chromatics discovered by the artist during his stay in Venice. He was also active in Rome, where worked in Santa Maria Maggiore, Chiesa Nuova and Sant'Andrea della Valle. Among the Tuscanian works should be noticed Predica del Battista (Florence, San Michele Visdomini), Storie di Sant'Antonino (Florence, San Marco) and Consegna delle chiavi (Pisa, San Francesco).

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