Penni, Giovan Francesco (circa1488-1528) (Fattore)

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Giovan Francesco Penni, named Fattore, Italian painter, was born in Florence in circa 1488 and died in Naples in 1528. He was a pupil and collaborator of Raphael, participated in frescoing of the Palazzi Vaticani in Rome, Stanza dell'Incendio del Borgo, Logge Vaticane, Loggia di Psiche alla Farnesina and others. After the death of Raphael, Penni collaborated with Giulio Romano on the decoration of the Sala di Costantino in Palazzo Vaticano, and prepared the designs for the tapestry Vita di Cristo, ordered by Clement VII and destined for the Sala del Concistoro in Vatican.

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