Peruzzi, Baldassarre (1481-1537)

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Baldassarre Peruzzi, Italian painter and architect, was born in Siena in 1481 and died in Rome in 1536. He began in his native city as a painter, following the modes of Pinturicchio. With the transfer to Rome, his style matured because of contacts with Sodoma and, most of all, with Raphael. Connection between the real space (architecture) and illusory space (painting), was represented in such works as: frescoes in the Sala delle Colonne alla Farnesina; scenes for Calandria (1514); elegant frescoes of the Cappella Ponzetti in the church S.Maria della Pace (1516); and composed in a mannerist style Presentazione della Vergine (1520) (Rome, S.Maria della Pace).
peruzzi palazzo
Peruzzi's first architectural masterpiece was Farnesina (started in 1509), created on the U-plan, according to the Tuscanian tradition. After the death of Raphael, he became the chief-architect in the construction works of the new St Peter's in Rome in 1532. In these years he created a big number of architectonic designs, relieves of the ancient monument and projects, that influenced a lot the future theory of architecture. The top of Peruzzi's research in this field was realization of Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne (see on the right) (Rome, circa 1535).

After the sack of Rome in 1527, Peruzzi returned to Siena, where left both painting and architectural works: construction and decoration of the Villa Belcaro; but his major place of activity still was Rome in 1530-1531 and 1535-1536.

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