Piacentini, Marcello (1881-1960)

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Marcello Piacentini, Italian architect and urbanist, was born and died in Rome in 1881-1960. In 1907 he won the contest of architectural projects for the arrangement of the city center of Bergamo, realized in 1927. In 1910 Piacentini realized an Italian pavilion at the World Exposition in Brussels; and in 1915-1917 the cinema Corso in Rome. In the years of Mussolini's regime, Piacentini became one of the most eminent representatives of the trimphal style in architecture: cinema-theatre Barberini (1930), Palazzo del rettorato of the new University (1936) both in Rome; Triumphal arch in Genoa (1923); Palace of Justice in Messina (1928); transformation of the city center in Brescia (1933); Palace of Justice in Milan (1933-1940). As a main responsible for the architecture, he conducted in Rome the arrangement of EUR (1938-1942), and in 1941 began the demolition of the palaces in-front of St Peter's with the aim of construction on their place via della Conciliazione.

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