Piazza Adriana, Rome

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Piazza Adriana, Rome

The Park of Castel Sant'Angelo was created in the middle of 1930's as a consequence of liberation the castle from military construction and cleaning of the surrounding area. Here you will find Auditorium - Auditorium Casa Madre dell'Associazione Nazionale fra Mutilati ed Invalidi di Guerra (ANMIG) with 200 seats Concert halls.

To the left of the park and piazza Adriana in the times of emperors Trajan was built Naumachia Vaticana, the scene 300m long and 102 wide, made for the marine battle performances.
piazza adriana
Not far from it should had been Gaianum, private racecourse of Caligula.

Piazza Adriana
Piazza Adriana, 3,
00193 Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Borgo (Castel Sant'Angelo) (Roma centro)
Piazza Adriana is Shown By "Map D Zone" As "29"
Subway: Lepanto (895 m N), Metro line: A
Bus: 87 - 492 - 280 - 34 - 49 - 990 - 130 - 186 - 224 - 30 - 70 - 78 - 81 - 913 - 99N
Auditorium Casa Madre dell'Associazione Nazionale fra Mutilati ed Invalidi di Guerra (ANMIG)
Telephone: 0039 06 6840011
Web site: www.anmigcomitatocentrale.com

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