Piazza di Sant'Ignazio, Rome

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Piazza di Sant' Ignazio di Loyola, Rome

It was arranged by F.Raguzzini in 1727-1728 with the rococo aspect by construction of a series of buildings similar to chests of drawers (Fr.bureaux). The square is located on important archeological site, where the rests of the archways of Acquedotto Vergine, which served Terme di Agrippa, were found. Nearby was the Temple of Isis.

Piazza di Sant'Ignazio Street and square at Campo Marzio
Fig: Piazza di Sant'Ignazio Street and square at Campo Marzio

In Piazza di Sant' Ignazio di Loyola stands fine church of the same name. And not far away is the Temple of Hadrian. Backtracking, we found Palazzo Venezia in Piazza Venezia. There are many winding squares, but none of them has three palaces almost identical arranged as the wings of a theatre, like this one. And no squares has three buildings with an elegant design, typical of the 18th century, that remind the shape of bureaus. The small “Burrò” (bureau) were realized in 1727 by Neapolitan architect Filippo Raguzzini, commissioned by Pope Benedict XIII. There is an effective contrast between the lines seeking lightness and the church dedicated to the founder of the Company of Jesus, St Ignatius Loyola, a building that is part of the huge and austere 15th century complex of the Collegio Romano. Built in the 17th century, the Church is unique in Rome since it has no dome for lack of funds. The painter Andrea Pozzo painted the frescos in the vault and in place of the internal space corresponding to it, he painted a canvas that has a diameter of 13 meters where the dome is represented in perspective.

Piazza di Sant' Ignazio di Loyola
Piazza di Sant'Ignazio, Campo Marzio
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Colonna (Pantheon-Montecitorio-Barberini) (Roma centro)
Piazza di Sant'Ignazio is Shown By "Map E Zone" As "49"
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